Genuary Adjacent

I had so much fun with Advent of Code that I thought I would check out Genuary. My reasoning was is that The App is really a creative coding exercise, and I haven’t made screen based art in long while. I’ve spent so much time on the infrastructure partially because I’ve been avoiding sitting with the visuals.

I didn’t think that Genuary was going to get me where I need to go, so instead I’ve chosen to follow along with Daniel Shiffman’s Nature of Code 2 playlist.

One way to do this would be the use the fabulous editors:

But instead I decided to gather it all into a unified January 2023 Repo which is published to GitHub Pages:

Hilariously I’ve spend most of the time not making things that are about the looks, but rebuilding CGRect features in Javascript in order to create Quadtree representations… so I may be using p5js… but let’s face it… it is still me doing it.

The next week will be about combining p5js with TypeScript because I SORELY miss Swift.

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screenshot of the quadtree script - it shows white dots on a gray field with a red grid that has more density where there are more white dots.